and hitler loved animals, too

After reading this piece by Ted Gup in the Outlook section of today’s Washington Post, my first thought was, with friends like this, the First Amendment is doomed. My second thought was, this man has some issues with his moral compass and really needs to realign it. My third thought was, cancel my subscription to any rag that would publish such drivel. But, forget the third thought; the Post still has much to recommend it.Mr. Gup, in the classic postmodern, new liberal, moral-relativistic style, finds good in this Palestinian asshole who runs the convenience store that has crude and racist anti-Semitic drawings. One has to agree that people generally have the right to say or publish what they want, regardless of how offensive. On the other hand, there comes the time for common sense, somewhat like the Supremes and pornography — they will know it when they see it.

Such is the case with this “free speech”. It is one thing to espouse a cause, as in, Israel must relinquish its land to Arabs. That would be wrong, but it is a point of view. If this pov comes with baggage that depicts Jews as subhuman, it’s Third Reich time. It invites violence; to demonize or depict your adversaries as subhuman is to say, “it’s ok to kill these vermin; they’re not people”. Anyone who doubts that, speak to black people about lynchings in the south in the days when their people were depicted as talking apes. Or, Ted Gup, alleged grandson of a rabbi, talk to some real Jews, who were denied more than a country club membership or admission to an Ivy League school.

Oh, by the way, Mr. Gup — you toss out a small aside, as if to humanize the beast who runs this little corner of hate, by noting that his “deli” serves Reubens, and “(What Jewish deli would be without?)”. For those uninitiated in such things, a Reuben usually has corned beef and melted cheese, often Swiss. Very tasty, but not very “Jewish”, unless by Jewish you mean “New Yorkish”. So the answer to the question, “what Jewish deli would be without Reubens”, the answer is all who actually claim to be Jewish, as the mixing of meat and dairy is, shall we say, not kosher. Might be halal, though. Ask your Paleo hatemonger bud.


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