cargo cult clone

Sometimes the news is just so tabloidish as to be indistinguishable from fiction. Bad fiction; very bad fiction; as in L. Ron Hubbard fiction made into cheesy movie fiction. This story is in the New York Times, so let’s give a small cheer for livening up the Gray Lady. One could not have asked for a more bizarre and non-credible group to announce something, that, if it were true, would merit serious discussions as to its ethical dimensions. This particular cult is the Raëlians, who

are followers of Raël, a French-born former race-car driver who has said he met a four-foot space alien atop a volcano in southern France in 1973 and went aboard his ship, where he was entertained by voluptuous female robots and learned that the first humans were created 25,000 years ago by space travelers called Elohim, who cloned themselves.

Good to know that the “Elohim”, Hebrew for “gods”, were four feet tall, and that humans, who average 5 1/2 feet, are their clones. Any serious discussion of the claims of these bizarros would be a waste of time. Here’s a suggestion: Ignore the man behind the curtain; the great and terrible Oz knows all…

Oh, hey, where are my voluptuous female robots?


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