The Fall of Man

The horrific story of a grisly murder and the cutting of an unborn child from the womb of the victim was just a reminder of our depraved nature. This heinous act should not surprise anyone who has even a rudimentary knowledge of the history of mankind, and who has read Genesis 3.

It is symptomatic of our culture that this depravity extends even to the mainstream media, in this case the Washington Post, which, in its story can not even acknowledge the simple personhood of the infant by calling her a baby. The Post’s headline was “Fetus Survives Killing of Mother.” Too bad that many fetuses don’t survive would-be mothers’ exercising their “freedom of choice” in killing their infants. But that’s legal, if not moral, whereas killing a would-be mother and taking her baby still is not. Still. Give the Kevorkians and their allies of this world a little more time…

Whether you deal with Scripture as allegorical or literal, there is truth in it. We are a fallen species, although with hope for redemption. His birthday is nigh.


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