you can kill the baby if he’s straight…

From the State of Maine, the Mainiacs have now upped and annoyed the pro-death brigades, a/k/a those who believe a woman should have the right to choose to kill her unborn child. With a tip of the fedora to JivinJehoshaphat for finding this bit of bizarreness (is that a word?). The Mainiacs have a bill to amend their state law so as to prevent the abortion of a gay fetus. Yes, you read that correctly.

The bill is titled, “An Act To Protect Homosexuals from Discrimination.” The operative section if this bit of New Brave World wisdom is:

An abortion may not be performed when the basis for the procedure is the projected sexual orientation of the fetus after birth, based on analysis of genetic materials of the fetus in which sexual orientation is identified through the presence or absence of a so-called “homosexual gene.”

Well, I’m somewhat ignorant of what the “homosexual gene” might be, and, frankly, I’m not interested in finding out. What I am is in favor of life — born, yet to be born.

Well, John Luke, as a God-fearing Christian, don’t you just hate those homosexuals? Wouldn’t you want to prevent their being born in the first place if you could? The answers are no, and hell no. As in, the place to which those who kill the yet-to-be-born willingly, with malice aforethought, will be going. If I knew to a mathematical certainty that a child would be “born homosexual”, I would not kill him or her. Impossible. Even assuming that one is born homosexual, so what? Are we not all born in sin? Some repent; many do not. Some will be saved; many will not.

Homosexuality may be a state of being. I’ve also read that there may be a DNA strand that makes a man prone to violence. Or to being a thief. Or to being a host of other things, good, and not so good.

Sin must be resisted. And my essential point is that sin is vested in the DNA of any and all who are human. Homosexuals, thieves, clergy, me, sinners all. Is it a sin to kill a sinner? Yes; it is only for God to judge us in this, to make us pay in the ultimate coin. It is, therefore, to be against God to snuff out a life, any human life, before it can even be born. Simply because some man-made test may predict certain behavior. Or may not.

Homosexual behavior is an abomination unto the Lord. And the Lord will judge such behavior. Killing a (perhaps) homosexual baby in the womb is far, far worse.

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  1. This is an excellent post John Luke, it is a sad statr of affairs when you read this.
    God bless you and yours,

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