Mouth-frothing left

That would be Frank Rich (no relation, God be thanked), who was demoted to the op-ed page of the Gray Lady. Bill Safire left, and they replaced him with this? Well, it is the New York Times. In today’s marvel, Rich froths and at the mouth like the rabid lefty he is.

The target of his (very) selective lefty radar is, of course, the Hammer — Tom DeLay. I hold no brief, either for, or against DeLay. He’s a politico, and a very, very effective one at that. He must be, to raise such anger. Not that I would excuse the junkets or nepotism; it’s common enough among our elected representatives. Rich makes this point, but then tells us exactly why he’s got it in for poor old Tom:

Democratic malefactors like Jim Wright and L.B.J.’s old fixer Bobby Baker didn’t wear the Bible on their sleeves.

Rich goes on and on and on about some hypocritical movers and shakers, and pins their wrongdoing where it most assuredly does not belong — on religion. To the extent that DeLay “wear[s] the Bible” on his sleeve, it’s escaped me. That Tom DeLay is a practicing Christian there is no doubt. So am I. The key word here is “practicing.” We are all trying to get it right, and, mostly, failing. Because we are Christians, and not perfect.

Frank Rich is not a Christian, and he’s far from perfect. But somehow he appears to believe that those who confess Jesus as Lord are, somehow, expected to be perfect as Jesus was perfect. And this is classic left-wing religion bashing: setting an impossible standard for those of faith, and then lambasting them when they fail.

Shows how little he understands about us. Shows that he is a card-carrying member of the hate-Christianity club. Unless of course the Christians in question are liberation theology types, a/k/a communists. Then they’re more than ok.

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