You want one of these…

My copy of Cruden’s Complete Concordance is now winging its way to me, via UPS.

Arthur Cruden, a “Significant Scot,” was probably more than a little crazy. But in a good way. He was called “Alexander the Corrector,” and made his living by, well, correcting things. Mostly proofreading, but, in his later years, correcting the moral behavior of folks. Chances are, he was not a terribly popular fellow.

His life’s work was writing down each and every word in the the King James Bible, sorting them alphabetically, and creating a concordance. That’s every single word; more than 770,000 of them. Plus a few extras. What is past amazing is that this book is still in print, and is re-issued from time to time. You can pick up one in good condition for less than $10, including shipping via Amazon. Sure, we don’t necessarily use the KJV for our daily reading, but it still remains the rock-hard standard against which all future English editions shall be judged.

Let’s just say that I will make room on my crowded bookshelf for the life’s work of Alexander the Corrector.

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