Muslim Idolatry

The recent deaths due to Christian-hating Muslim riots are not Newsweek’s fault. Any blame must be laid squarely at the feet of the fanatical adherents of the so-called “religion of peace.” The allegation of an allegation that started the unfortunate turn of events (human beings did die) was that some of our troops at Guantanamo trashed a Koran, or Korans, in the crapper. That it wasn’t true wasn’t really the point of this exercise in human depravity.

Getting past the fact that the Koran both denies and defies our faith, all politically correct whines to the contrary, we have, at worst, an isolated incident of disrespect for some prisoners’ religion. It is one thing to hold a book in reverance. But those whose own faith is denied by that book, namely Christians (the Koran denies that Jesus was the Son of God) must not be held to such a standard. And what a standard it is for fanatical Muslims. From a story at NRO on the affair:

The spark was lit not by Imram Khan but by Newsweek itself on May 9 when apparently none of its reporters or editors was aware of the effect such a story would have. There seems to have been nobody there that knew that death is the penalty for desecrating a Koran in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. Egypt is milder, there one would be sentenced to several years in prison under Article 161 of the penal code for “publicly insulting Islam,” or perhaps Article 98, “inciting sectarian strife”; similar patterns are followed in more moderate [sic] Muslim countries.(emphasis added, as was the snarky [sic]

Note to the author of this piece at NRO — the problem is not Newsweek, or their (or our) inability to “pay careful attention to the complexities of religion.” The problem is that Muslims worship their book, and treat it as if it were God. The Koran is more than a fetish. It is an idol.

One may believe that the Bible is the literal word of God almighty. And, to be certain, we believers hold the Bible in reverance, and we are careful to not subject it to harm. But it is just a physical manifestation of God’s word; not God. It’s just a thing, a man-made thing. The Word is eternal. The paper we print that Word on is not; worthy of respect, but to kill a human being for its desecration is an abomination. Pity that Muslims lack the clarity of vision to see that their version of God isn’t just some words in Arabic. What a weak and pitiful god that would be.

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  1. I think I agree that something in the world needs to change. People should not be killed because a book, any book, is flushed down a toilet (and I know that denials that this ever happened have been issued). There seems to be this problem that anytime anyone writes or does anything that is deemed too critical (by the Muslim community) of Muhammad or the Quran, riots and deaths result.

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