Time Out

I’m off to Scotland, with a side trip to Spain. They call it vacation; I call it a chance to greet strangers and make new friends, drink some good stout and whiskey (all things in moderation, of course…), and eat some haggis and blood pudding. Which of course, taste even better washed down with a fresh ale or stout from a local brewery.

Don’t knock them until you’ve tried them, I say…

Look for more itinerant preachings around the middle of June. ‘Til then, God’s blessings on all.


One comment

  1. JL! You make my mouth water! I am drooling at your words! You are the most blessed of preachers, to be visiting the land of the Holy Grill! = Eggs, Bacon, Black Pudding, Tomatoes and beans!

    Seriously, have agreat tip to my homeland, enjoy yourself and I am praying for travelling mercies!


    PS. You can still blog now and again from Scotland, they have computers there and blogger works as well! 🙂 You can call it A PREACHER’S VICES! LOL!

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