God save and comfort the injured; and take in the souls of those innocents killed. Killed and wounded by adherents of “the religion of peace.” The latest atrocity in London strikes home, not least because me and my family have been in most of the target spots. But it strikes home most of all because I am a Westerner, a believer in the God-given dignity of all men, and therefore in the sanctity of human life.

Islamists, again, assuming that they are responsible for this heinous and cowardly act of war, must be assumed to be representative of Islam. If they are not, why on God’s green earth haven’t the billion or so adherents of Islam, be they truly men and women of peace, put the stop to this terror? Surely the dozens of Islamic nations, with all of their power, should be able to stop this minority? If minority they be. For that matter, why haven’t we heard more than a mere handful of courageous Muslims preach against terror?

The silence is deafening, yet speaks volumes. We are, indeed, in a war of civilizations.

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  1. I agree with you JL, their silence is deafening to say the least! Excellent post!


    PS. Love the new template and tricks! 🙂

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