"Our department doesn’t do that kind of thing"

The quotation is from Donald Rumsfeld, secretary of defense. “That kind of thing” is assassinate a socialist dictator, Hugo (“I wanna be just like Fidel”) Chavez, “elected” president of Venezuela. Who would advocate such a thing? None other than Pat Robertson. From the story in the Washington Post:

“We have the ability to take him out, and I think the time has come that we exercise that ability,” Robertson said Monday on his Christian Broadcasting Network.

Yes, Pat, we do have that ability. And Chavez is surely top of a long list of men (and women) that the world would be far better off without. For Pat, all I can say is, Exodus 20:13. Let the Lord judge Hugo Chavez. You are not in a position to.

Once again, Christian evangelicals will pay the price for a foolish remark by one of their own. Let us be clear: what Mr. Robertson advocates is not what a God-fearing man would do. Pat, you are not the angel of death. You are a sinner, just like me, just like Hugo Chavez. I will pray for you, Pat, as I will for Hugo, that he have a change of heart and become a wise and just leader — not just another oil-rich thug.

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