"engines for positive change"

Thus opines the Washington Post, urging the nation to sail ever onward in uncharted waters, unemcumbered by anything so archaic as a moral anchor. To the destroyers of the moral fabric who write, edit, and publish the Post, legalizing homosexual “marriage” is considered progress.

The “engine” for this “positive change” is the California state legislature. This morning, the California legislature is commended for being the first “state legislature [that] has acted on its own to create marriage equality.” “Equality”, you see, is always good thing for the Posties and their ilk — even if it violates our moral bedrock, thousands of years of tradition, and, by the way, common sense.

We are, however, not all equal. Even the dolts at the Post should be able to observe that men are different than women. This is by design. Each has a distinct role to play in our first biological imperative: survival as a species. Even atheists should understand this point, that marriage’s primary and fundamental purpose is to provide for the propagation of the species; for birthing and nurturing newborn human beings. Also known as “children.”

As an aside, the notion that human beings can be produced ex-utero may be true; i.e. marriage is not a literal requirement to produce new human beings. That something is possible does not make it desirable. It is also possible, for example, to kill all newborn girls, which becomes a possibility if all new humans are produced ex-utero.

But that’s not why gay “marriage” is wrong. It is wrong because it is against God’s law, in a way that transcends even the black-letter dicta that homosexual acts are an abomination unto God. Although that alone should be sufficient; it is for me. It is wrong because it can never produce a child. It is wrong because it sets up future generations to become divorced from human history; a child raised by two gay people can not be normal in any valid sense of that word.

By the way: the argument that some “normal” marriages are bad, that some children are abused and even killed by their parents, does not negate the argument in logic nor in morality. In case you haven’t noticed, we all sin; we all fall short.

I simply suggest here that this action by the California legislature is not an “engine” for “positive change.” It is an instrument attempting to chisel away our moral foundation.

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