Dialogue with the Devil

The latest bit of ranting from the Sunni branch of the Religion of Peace may be read at the indispensible MEMRI. According to the head Sunni terrorist (that’s a bit of a redundancy, eh?) in Iraq, the loony-tunes Al-Zarqawi, goes on a full-tilt boogie rant about Crusaders (those are the good guys, namely, Christians) and Shiites, who, while terrorists in their own right, are also the mortal enemies of the Sunnis. All of this dates back to someone who dissed one of Mohammed’s concubines, or raped his son, who knows at this point.

These people are, simply, children of evil, and their confused notion of religion is used to threaten and actually justify killing us, and each other. Among the charges against Christians is the notion that Crusaders, have, among other crimes, “filled with…Sperm” the wombs of Sunni women in one of the hellholes of Iraq. This Al-Zarqawi is as moonbatty as Cindy Sheehan, but a whole lot more dangerous.

Here’s a taste of Zarky’s rubbish:

“Finally, we say to the Crusaders and the Safavid Rafidites (Shiites): Your crime and cowardly deed at Tel’afar will not go without severe punishment, Allah willing. I challenge the government of the descendants of Ibn Al-‘Alqami, headed by Al-Ja’fari the Zoroastrian and ‘Abu Righal’ Al-Dulaimi, to come out of their lairs in the Green Zone [in Baghdad], and to confront the brigades of the mujahideen.”

Yadda yadda. We haven’t noticed you coming out to fight, Zarky, have we?

Christians must love our enemies, but that does not mean that we help them slit our throats. Our mission in the world is to defend the weak, defend ourselves, defend our faith, against Islam’s terrorists. Some of whom openly carry weapons.


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