Surely a parody

Just found this at “The Living Church Foundation“, which notes that it’s been “serving Episcopalians since 1878.” Was that the year they went wobbly? Sorry, I digress. The extract is this:

Hurricane Katrina and the place of the Episcopal Church within the Anglican Communion will dominate the energies of the House of Bishops as the majority of members along with spouses or partners gather today for the start of their five-day fall retreat at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

So. ECUSA worthies are taking a five-day retreat at a Ritz Carlton, with “spouses or partners.” This might be a great parody of the Episcopal Church USA as a church with unbiblical notions (“partners” means “homosexuals”) that lives like kings at the top while chiding the rest of us to tithe to the poor victims of Katrina.

It might be a great parody. If it were not true.

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