The best we can do?

Is Harriet Miers the best we can do at this point in our history?

It is not sufficient to verify that Ms. Miers is a “good” Christian (read: she agrees with the beholder). There are far more qualified people out there. Not because they are “better” Christians — because they are better at showing that they may become a moral and intellectual force on the Supreme Court. Ms. Miers has shown loyalty, and that she can run a clean Texas state lottery.

Harriet Miers, as a presidential buddy lacks the intellectual gravitas that one might find in, to name but two examples, a Michael Luttig or Janice Brown.

The whole notion of evangelicals judging Miers on her piety stinks. Firstly, because it is unchristian to judge such a thing. Secondly, because it is wrong to place any kind of a “religious test” on a SCOTUS nominee.

We (politically conservative Christians) objected, mightily, and properly, when John Roberts’ Catholicism was questioned. Let us at least be consistent with Harriet Miers.

Best solution? Ms. Miers graciously withdraws; President Bush nominates a heavyweight jurist and goes to the mat for him or her.

Note: Above is the substance of a comment I left at JollyBlogger’s excellent post, “Harriet Miers – Trust me on this

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