What a coincidence…

…that an image of Jesus appears to look like a Romanian Orthodox priest. Who would’ve thunk it? Found, via the Crusty Curmudgeon, this lovely story of an image of Jesus, Peter, and Paul found on an old wooden wardrobe.

Well, it is certainly possible that God would have sent an image of his Son to decorate the wardrobe of this elderly Romanian couple. This, however, is the sort of thing that borders on idolatry, as in worship of an icon. In this instance, something that looks like a typical Orthodox bearded priest.

This is voodoo Christianity, people. It cheapens the real faith that so many have, because it makes at least the silent claim that one needs apparitions and supernatural manifestations to sustain our faith.

The Gospel message is necessary, and it is sufficient. It is stunning in its simplicity, and challenging to our notions of how the world of life, and death, should operate. But apparently did not in the instance of our Savior.

In that regard, more than the simple telling of the Gospel message of Christ’s atoning death, and His resurrection, is less. Claimed apparitions, such as this one in Romania, detract from the awesome power of Christ’s message.

As regards the Gospel, more is less, and less is more.

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  1. Please tell me how they know what Jesus looks like? They’ve seen too many of the ‘so-called pictures’ of Jesus floating around!

    Apparitions are not for me! I’d rather have the WORD, and His spirit within me! I believe that these things are really from the devil, who is trying, in these last days, to get people distracted from God.

  2. The Un-Apologetic Atheist · · Reply

    Much as I hate to say it, barring her religious drivel, I do agree with Barbara. There’s no way to know what Jesus looked like, let alone convince yourself God sent some icon down just for you to witness. It’s arrogance of the highest form, as well as a borderline form of idolatry.

    Every time I try to point this fact out to my Catholic friend who shows me these as “proof” of God’s existance, he snickers at me for being “unable to believe.” So it’s kind of funny for me to watch the same skepticism in True Believers ™ for the things he held up to me, once, as a form of proof.

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