Yesterday was the start of Advent. We read Mark 13:1-37, as, apparently, did many other Christian churches: Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran. But the point isn’t the contents of the Gospel: it is the fact that this Gospel is shared by all who confess Christ as Lord.

A marvelous thing it is, surely, that the exact same passages were read ’round the world. God’s Word has no respect for denominational boundaries. Which, despite what some might claim, are made by men. And hence, of no lasting value. Impermanent. But dust.

Would that all denominations that read Mark 13 today would also share real communion. I suggest that there is but a single condition on those who would partake of the Lord’s Supper: confess Jesus as Lord. Notions of the particulars of communion, the various theologies concocted to explain that which is inherantly beyond our ken, are merely things to maintain control by mere mortals over that which they’ve no true authority.

They are dust; vanities. After all, Jesus did not tell us, in Matthew 26:26, to paraphrase C.S. Lewis, to “take, and write a Master of Divinity thesis.” Our Lord kept it simple. As should we.

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