koran says…

…kill the infidel. And to preach from this “holy” book is just fine, according to Queen’s Counsel for the defense of one Abu Hamza, the infamous imam of Finsbury Park Mosque in London. The English are apparently quite comfortable with suicide, the evidence for which is the fact that this moke hasn’t been put in jail or deported forthwith.

What Hamza, and others who preach the devil’s script in mosques are doing is to tell us what their religion would have them do. And at least some of the English are saying something to the effect of, “Oh, jolly good. We suppose if it’s written in the koran that’s just fine…”

In America we might call such weak-minded fools custard-heads; folks who haven’t the common sense to get in out of the rain. From a London Times story, this sad extract:

Mr Fitzgerald cited two verses of the book that Abu Hamza would rely on, among many others, as theological justification for the words that had led to him being charged. They were Chapter 2, verse 216 and Chapter 9, verse 111. He said that all the great monotheistic religions had scriptures that contained “the language of blood and retribution”.

Ah, yes. “The language of blood and retribution.” The kindest interpretation of this defense of the indefensible is that Fitzgerald is ignorant of the actual content and usage of the Bible. Which I presume is what the comparison is about.

True enough, God did make those who would persecute Israel suffer. The Big Guy didn’t let the Israelites off the hook, either, when they strayed from His Word. The essential differences are two. Firstly, it was God who did or commanded the smiting. Secondly, if He used a particular nation to do the heavy lifting in smiting, this happened thousands of years ago, and at specific times and in specific places necessary for God’s unveiling of His salvation history.

And let’s not have any more Western Christian guilt for the Crusades. Firstly, the Crusades, to the extent they were murderous rampages against Jews and others, were not Christian in any sense. Secondly, they were over and done with 700 years ago. Enough, already. So-called Christians have always sinned, and some have sinned mightily. But when they did so, it was in clear violation of Scripture. In stark contrast, Muslims are being faithful to theirs when they go all jihady on us.

For us Christians, God’s judgment, anything involving “blood and retribution”, is specifically reserved to God and His Son when He comes again in glory. Jesus took pain, bleeding, and death, on Himself for us. He further enjoined us to love our enemies. This is the exact opposite of Islam and it’s “holy” book.

There is no legitimate defense of anyone who preaches the kind of hatred that is heard regularly in mosques around the world. The only thing that we should, and must, do, is be prepared to resist evil and its minions such as Abu Hamza.

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