Same old, same old

Here’s one of the offending cartoons, depicting Mohammed as the terrorist that he most certainly was. Ol’ Mo went about the Arabian peninsula slaying the infidels by the hundreds, if not thousands. Those who submitted to his will, lived.

One of the things crushed in the beginning of Islam appears to be freedom. If anything is certain, it is that today’s followers of Mohammed do not provide for freedom to criticize their faith or their prophet. Of course, Muslims are also great hypocrites, for they routinely criticize, and far worse, those who do not share their beliefs. In fact, it is against the law to preach Christ as Lord and Savior in many such places. In otehrs, it may be legal, but downright hazardous to your health.

Here in the West, we’ve learned that to earn respect, one must also give it in return. This is the first lesson. The second lesson is that by continuing to commit acts of terrorism, even against the embassies of those now-secular and overly tolerant nations in Scandinavia (WaPo story here), Muslims simply reaffirm the accuracy of this particular image of Mohammed with a bomb on his head.

The message to the world’s Muslims must be: first, lighten up, and stop reacting with violence to any criticism. It only confirms the worst about how people depict your prophet. Second, read some true Scripture and find out what the true spiritual descendents of Abraham are about. You might find that love conquers all and is far mightier than the sword used by Islam.

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