"inclusive welcome"

So that’s what the PCUSA calls spitting in the face of black letter Scripture. Yes, let’s be “inclusive.” It’s clearly the highest virtue. The story in the WaPo is headlined “Presbyterians Urge Lifting Gay Clergy Ban.”

How many Presbyterians, one must ask? As of now, according to the story,

At least 21 of 173 regional bodies in the Presbyterian Church USA are calling for repeal of a ban on clergy and lay leaders living in gay or lesbian relationships.

That’s not a large percentage, I suppose. Of course, it did say, “at least.” One can almost hear the mainstream media cheering as the Presbyterian Church USA circles the drain, about to leave its Reformation roots.

So much for sola scriptura. We’d much rather be “inclusive.”

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  1. John Schroeder · · Reply


    The PCUSA has been fighting the battle for years, and guys like me have bee in it all the way and we have defeated this bunch time and time again.

    We’re democratic in PCUSA, very democratic. That means we have to tolerate our fair share of stupidity.

    Urging and getting the votes are a long way apart.

  2. Milton Stanley · · Reply

    “Black letter Scripture”–never had heard that term before, but I like it. I urge you to keep holding on to the truth in the black-letter Scripture, because it’s not getting any easier to discern these days. Peace.

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