Why is this even a question?

The Supreme Court is about to consider the “constitutionality” of the federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act (WaPo story here). I use scare quotes around constitutionality because it would seem obvious that the most basic right any of us have is the right to life.

This includes babies who have even a remote chance of viability outside the womb. What do I mean by a remote chance? Perhaps this is best measured by the measures that are often used in the attempt to save the life of a critically injured person. Even when the odds are dismal, the attempt is usually made.

Why is this? Because as Christians and Jews, we must err on the side of life if we are to be faithful to God. Sure, look at all of those resources wasted, the logical absolutist might say. I say, look at how we honor God by trying our best to keep one of His beloved creatures alive.

This is basic human rights philosophy. Love life. Seek to preserve it. Do not condone a heinous act in which an innocent child, which the Post of course must call a “fetus”, has his or her skull punctured and brains sucked out.

Choose life, and it shall be given back to thee.

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