Judas lives

Judas lives in the form of the Roman Catholic Church, which has become just another man-made entity that is involved in the affairs of state. Just like any other nation, except this nation claims the throne of Peter in the name of Christ.

A story about the Vatican’s current machinations appears on the front page of the Washington Post today. The essence of the story is couched as progress of sorts, wherein the Vatican will recognize, in the diplomatic sense, Communist China. All in the name of helping the Catholic Church in China, mind you. From the story, the essence of this diplomatic process:

…the process has overcome a major stumbling block with recent signals from the Vatican that it is willing to break with Taiwan and set up diplomatic relations with Beijing as part of an overall accord guaranteeing the church’s role in China.

Yes, a stumbling block. Not Christ crucified, but a secular problem with a pesky nation, Taiwan, that has the misfortune of being in the beast’s radar sights.

Getting past the fact that Communist China is an infamous human rights abuser, and persecutor of Christians (and others). What business does Christ’s Vicar on Earth have dealing with these (very wealthy) thugs? Imagine, if you will, it’s the first century, and Peter is convening with his flock to decide whether to recognize the church in Rome, although to do so, it will have to excommunicate the church in, oh, say, Corinth.

Can’t imagine Peter engaging in geopolitics? Well, perhaps that’s because Peter and the other disciples were in the business of spreading the good news about Christ. About the kingdom of heaven. Not about the affairs of this world. Would that the Roman Catholic Church would remember why it is among us.

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