Judas, and Catholics, and homosexuals, oh my

All that, and much, much more. Christianity Today has outdone itself, in organizing the religion news of the week. Here we may read about really, really important events in the life of Christ’s church.

Like the fuss over the so-called gospel of Judas. Like the fuss over a Church of Ireland (Anglican) priest co-celebrating at a Catholic mass (oh, the humanity….). Like the continuing overemphasis on homosexuals coming out, going in, protesting their treatment, as they continue their insistance that they be able to continue to sin, and how dare any church question that? A priest accused of killing a nun, persecution of Christians by Muslims (who would’ve thunk it?), slaughter in Darfur, AIDS, the Vatican to “study” condoms.

World without end, amen. It all brings to mind Romans 3:10:

as it is written:

“None is righteous, no, not one;

And that, my friends, most certainly includes this curmudgeonly Christian.

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