The Senator

A United States senator worships at our church. He’s elderly, and belongs to the political party for which I never vote for. He’s liberal, politically, and, at least to me, has an unsavory reputation. In short, he’s the sort of man that I was predisposed to dislike. Intensely.

The Senator is, as am I, a Baptist. He’s been one much longer than I, and, he’s an old-school Southern Baptist. What this means is that he’s an enthusiastic “Amen!” praise-giver. In a way that is unique in our white-bread, affluent suburban Baptist congregation.

Here’s what’s important: I now love this man. Anyone who can confess Jesus Christ as Lord, and do so, unapologetically, and without care that he’s the only one shouting out his “Amens!”, is my brother in Christ.

I still don’t agree with him politically. But that is just not important. Jesus Christ, and His cross that atones for our sins, are. My sins. The Senator’s sins. He and I are one in Christ Jesus.

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