Nothing to see here, move along…

The buzz surrounding the about-to-be-released movie “Da Vinci Code” is amusing, and our church is no exception: we were treated to a glossy pamphlet debunking the book/movie.

Sometimes it’s best to simply ignore things. This movie appears to support this thesis. According to this story, the movie bombed in Cannes. The brutal truth appears to be that if a movie tries to trash basic Christian beliefs, it will be talked up as a must-see. Even if it is a bad movie, bad in the technical sense. As “Da Vinci” appears to be.

Three things. First and foremost, this is just a movie, a trifle, a work of fiction. Second, you don’t have to pay good money to see it. Third, and last, the more Christians complain about the movie, the more it’s going to appear as if there was some truth behind it that we wish to cover up. In this regard, silence is golden.

Nothing to see here, move along…


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