Cultic Hasidim

Sounds like a nonsensical spam message header, doesn’t it? Well, there is a cult-like group of Hasidim, the Satmars, who, among other things, make the claim that the modern state of Israel should not have been founded before the messiah came. Oh, and one more thing: that God allowed the death of six million Jews in the Holocaust because of those pesky Zionists.

There is a lengthy story on the Satmars in today’s Washington Post, in the Style (!) section. Seems that this sect of pious Jews is fussin’ and feudin’ over who should be the next head rabbi.

All of this is quite human, as in totally depraved and having lost sight of what God requires of us. Worrying about the worldly rewards of power and prestige of being in the inner circle of the man in charge. Since this particular man would be in charge of God’s covenant, at least as interpreted by these Hasidim, I think that many Christians who have dealt with so-called men of God in our churches can empathize.

Well, my opinion is that the Satmars are an evil bunch, indeed, if they attribute to God the deaths of six million human beings, each on of whom was made in God’s image. All because of whether or not the victims believed that there should be a modern state of Israel before, or after the coming of the Jewish messiah.

My beliefs are heretical to these Jews, but if they’d listen I’d tell them that their messiah has come, and his name is Jehoshua the Nazarene. Who became Christ Jesus. Fellas, it’s ok to have a modern state of Israel — Jesus has come, and will come again. Don’t worry about who’s in charge of your little cult. God will come again and sort us all out…


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