"legitimate acts of resistance"

The prime minister of Iraq the Puppet, one Nouri al-Maliki, seems to want to cut some strings. Or, perhaps, merely appear to be so doing. The strings? Any attachment to the United States, without which Maliki would be just another citizen under Saddam’s heavy yoke.

Maliki, who not too long ago accused our troops of being no better than Mongol hordes, has now proposed an amnesty for “resistance” fighters who have shed American blood. The headline for the WaPo story is “Iraq Amnesty Plan May Cover Attacks On U.S. Military.”

There are many words about “reconciliation” and those who don’t think about it are likely to say, “wow, isn’t that great — just like South Africa.” And that would be a good thing, right? From the WaPo:

Asked about clemency for those who attacked U.S. troops, he [Adnan Ali al-Kadhimi, a top adviser to Maliki] said: “That’s an area where we can see a green line. There’s some sort of preliminary understanding between us and the MNF-I,” the U.S.-led Multi-National Force-Iraq, “that there is a patriotic feeling among the Iraqi youth and the belief that those attacks are legitimate acts of resistance and defending their homeland. These people will be pardoned definitely, I believe.”

Love that bit, “defending their homeland.” Against what? An invasion of the liberators? Those who set roadside bombs or attack mosques and schools and anywhere else without regard to the deaths of innocents are not defending anything worthy of the word.

Most importantly, this action by the Iraqi government declare that an American’s life is worth less than an Iraqi’s. An American who died, not for treasure or power, but to put these ingrates into power in the first place. And to free Iraq from one of the bloodiest tyrants of all history.

Here’s where the difference between a Judeo-Christian and a Muslim culture becomes self-evident. America, a Judeo-Christian nation, comes to the aid of all peoples. One may argue as to whether the Iraq war was necessary or good for American geopolitical interests. But that decision was made by our leaders, and we went in with the intention of liberating Iraqis and not leaving until we could ensure a stable, a relatively free Iraq.

Those who believe that an American life is worth less than an Iraqi life should receive no support from us. Too bad President Bush hasn’t seen this.


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