"house of condolences"

Got to hand it to the Palestinians. They never seem to miss an opportunity to get on the wrong side of history. There is, now, in the (Christian) holy city of Bethlehem, a “house of condolences” for paleos to mourn the passing of a man who was, apparently, the best friend a terrorist could have.

This account in the Jerusalem Post is, to say the least, sickening. Not anything that the Post has done. Rather, the notion that any group of people are so evil as to cheer a monster such as Saddam, and take money from him as a reward for blowing up innocent cilivians.

From the story, the basics:

The execution of Saddam Hussein sent many Palestinians into deep mourning Saturday as they struggled to come to terms with the demise of perhaps their most steadfast ally.

Unlike much of the rest of the world, where Saddam was viewed as a brutal dictator who oppressed his people and started regional wars, in the West Bank and Gaza he was seen as a generous benefactor unafraid to fight for the Palestinian cause, even to the end.

Then there is this, from one local idiot:

“He wanted the Palestinian people to have a state and a government and to be united. But God supports us, and we pray to God to punish those who did this,” said Ghanem Mezel, 72, from the town of Saeer in the southern West Bank.

Finally, in a heart-touching note, we are told that

Others were happy to hear Saddam’s final words, knowing that his support for them remained unshakable until the end.

This is beyond sad; it is beyond pathetic. It shows that some Arabs are beyond salvation. Judging from the way they are even now plotting to kill each other (Hamas and Fatah, that is), the paleos are simply too ignorant and unable to distinguish the evil from the good to deserve their own state.


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