Lapsed Catholic?

To anyone who keeps track of such things, I’d be counted as a lapsed Catholic. A former daily-goer-to-Mass and pray-er-of-the-Rosary Catholic, now a member of a Baptist church.

The point of this post is simple: to state, unequivocally, that if I write anything that is critical of my former church, it is out of love. And if I come across as mean-spirited, that is simply because I am a poor scribe. Not because of any malice in my heart towards the Church of Rome.

Even as a Baptist, I remain a brother to all Catholics. What we share, the Incarnation, the Passion, the Resurrection, and Pentecost so far outweighs what separates us that I am tempted to state, we are all Catholic.

Just as we are all Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, name your denomination. Wherever Christ is king, and not just an excuse to socialize in the parish hall after services.


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