God’s judgment to come?

What this video shows is Jay Leno on a tear about the all-Paris Hilton, all the time news feeding frenzy. Now Jay is hardly a member of the Latter-Day Crusaders (that’s us evangelicals, just itching to put on that ol’ chain mail and sword and create a theocracy just like the Taliban. At least according to many liberalati.) And if he’s noticed the absurdity of the media attention on Paris, well, it’s surely come to pass that our nation is not doing too well on the culture front.

As for Paris herself, at first I deigned not to notice. But, like a car wreck on the side of the road, complete with bloody corpses, it’s awfully hard to look away. And, the more I looked, the more I could pray for her.

Many so-called Christians, including at least one of our deacons yesterday, opined that she deserved no pity; none. And yet, here is a young woman who may play the twit in public, but who apparently has quite the grasp on marketing and, also, a keen sense of business.

Neither of these things should be important to a Christian, but, hey, we’ve all got to make it in this world before we get to sit beside the throne. Or in some warmer place…

As for Paris, the attention paid to her is a symptom of how shallow our nation’s “culture” has become. Also, the fact that we are at war with Islamic jihadis who wish nothing more than to outlaw Christianity and convert or kill us all, should provide some context.

God bless Paris Hilton; may she grow in humility. God bless America, may she resist the siren call of the twit culture. May we all remember that we are here on this earth — America, Iraq, Russia, Mexico, wherever — under God’s judgment.


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