“Have You Prayed for bin Laden Today?”

One Brother Andrew is a piece of work, when he challenges Christians to forgive Muslim terrorists, for the stated reason “We forgive you Muslims because Jesus forgave us.” This interesting take on forgiveness may be found at Christianity Today. Andrew appears to be one whose got dhimmitude down to a science. In English we might call this appeasement.

Since Andrew invokes the name of our Savior in his confusion, it is mighty, mighty offensive. His chief offense is ignoring that Jesus, with God from the beginning, is very much part and parcel of the “God of revenge” — a straw man (straw god?) who never, ever existed in either the Old or New Testaments.

God is God is Jesus is the Holy Spirit: Three in One. God never takes “revenge.” He does cause death and destruction to rain on those who deny Him; to further salvation History through Israel. Just ask the Egyptians under Pharaoh or the late citizens of Ai.

God also will judge, and judge harshly, those who reject Him, and who persist in their sins. Likewise Jesus has also promised to return in glory, and, as the creedal statement goes, “judge the living and the dead.” And this is where this Andrew fella forgets a basic Gospel lesson: Jesus will, indeed, forgive us, “seventy times seven” if we repent of our sins.

If we repent of our sins; and this is where Muslims who promise death and destruction to the Jews or other “infidels” will fail to achieve God’s forgiveness — if they do not repent of their sin of killing innocents. A little Gospel message to assert the rock solid truth of this? It’s the story of the adulterous woman about to be stoned to death. Jesus, of course, forgives the woman, but with one condition: “…and from now on sin no more” (John 8:11).

Andrew, and others who think that it’s a one-way street with Jesus and the Father: all soft forgiveness, never mind the sin part. That’s just sooo Old Testament…

It’s no wonder that one of his terrorist hosts said to him, “Andrew, there will always be a place for Christians like you.” Perhaps not where Brother Andrew might like, after he is called before the throne…



One comment

  1. Nobody is innocent, Jack, and therefore nobody can kill an innocent. All that ever happens in this world is sinners killing sinners. Which sinners did Christ come to save, only some, or all?

    Proclaim the gospel of Christ so that all may be forgiven. Judge nobody as unworthy of His mercy. If you do, you will find yourself being judged by the same standard before His throne.

    Brother Andrew offers Christ, not man-made political ideologies or selfish assertions of rights. He puts his life on the line for the gospel. I’d say he has at least a little credibility.

    BTW, nothing about preaching Christ’s forgiveness denies the fact of sin–that’s why people need forgiveness, after all. Where you seem to go wrong is that you somehow think it is the job of Christians to punish sin. If we did have to punish sin, we would have to punish ourselves. And remember, the only appropriate punishment for sin is death. Have you had any evil thoughts lately, Jack? By your approach you must now commit suicide.

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