Glory of God

The object in the photo, taken by the Hubble orbiting telescope, is the Sombrero Galaxy.

This is a rather large object, and it’s a bit of a haul from Earth. The basics from the Hubble website:

The Sombrero lies at the southern edge of the rich Virgo cluster of galaxies and is one of the most massive objects in that group, equivalent to 800 billion suns. The galaxy is 50,000 light-years across and is located 28 million light-years from Earth.

The numbers are staggering. 800 billion suns; light itself takes longer to traverse the Sombrero than ten times the span of years since humans have been able to record their history.

And yet God, the very same God who gave us his son, has also given us untold billions of suns, in a universe that we have only just begun to sense, akin to a bather sticking just a toe in the ocean to test the temperature.

It all attests to the glory that is God; His creation, of which we are honored to be a small part.


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