Born in sin

A commenter, Steve, complains in a comment on an earlier post that it is “utterly immoral” that people are born sinful.

But the thing speaks for itself: if people are not born sinful, how is it that there is so much sin in this world? Observation, using the empirical method so beloved of atheists, surely supports that a pretty large chunk of humanity does bad things.

The data certainly wouldn’t support the notion that men are born pure and good. I maintain that human beings are born in sin, and that this is our natural state. But that we may overcome that sin by our free will. As a believer, I think that this happens with the help of God. The good news, pun intended, is that there are also many examples of people who do good and wonderful things.

If you disagree with this thesis, try a thought experiment: what would the crime rate be if there were zero chance of getting caught? Pretty high, I think. Much higher than it already is.


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