Religion of peace

Pastor BaeSome 21 South Koreans are being held hostage by practitioners of the “religion of peace” in Afghanistan. Of course, by the time of this writing, there may be fewer, since the Koreans are being murdered, in cold blood.

One might not know from mainstream media sources that these Koreans are Christian missionaries, in Afghanistan on a purely humanitarian mission. And that among the first victims

One story this morning by way of example, from Forbes has no mention that the Koreans are Christian missionaries. And that among the first murdered was a pastor, Bae Hyung Kyu of the Sammul Presbyterian Church, shown in this post. Michelle Malkin has noticed, and reminds us that in today’s world being a Christian can be risky business. From her column today:

For two weeks, a group of South Korean Christians has been held hostage by Taliban thugs in Afghanistan. This is the largest group of foreign hostages taken in Afghanistan since Operation Enduring Freedom began in 2001.

What was their offense? Were they smuggling arms into the country? No. Inciting violence? No.

They were peaceful believers in Christ on short-term medical and humanitarian missions. Seventeen of the 23 hostages are females; most of them are nurses who provide social services.

Over the last few days, the bloodthirsty jihadists have demanded that South Korea immediately withdraw troops from the Middle East, pay ransom and trade the civilian missionaries for imprisoned Taliban fighters. The Taliban leaders have made good on threats to kill the kidnapped Christians while Afghan officials plead fecklessly that their monstrous behavior is “un-Islamic.”

There appears to be an operation (planned or in progress) to free them; something the Afghan government can’t or won’t attempt. May God protect these witnesses for Christ, and may the rest of us wake up to the threat that is posed by Islam to those who follow the Prince of Peace.


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