Tim Challies has some necessary reading up for us. The subject is hell, and the unpopularity of the literature that deals with the subject. Some extracts, food for thought. And, if you’ve something more important than how you might be spending eternity, feel free to just click through…

First, from the British preacher, John Blanchard:

The judgments of God fall often enough in this world to let us know that God judges, but seldom enough to let us know that there must be a judgment to come.” We see God’s judgments in this world often enough to know that God does judge sin and that He is provoked against evil. Yet the scarcity of judgment shows us that there must be more. If God is a judge He must judge all sin, not just some sin. And so we know that more judgment is coming. It must come.

This is pure logic, although one must start from the premise that God exists and that he will judge us. But, if one does believe this, then the unavoidable conclusion is that God’s got a passel of unfinished business with us when we shuffle off this mortal coil.

As for what hell might be like, here is a quotation from Edward Donnelly’s new book, Biblical Teaching on the Doctrines of Heaven and Hell (not up at Amazon.com as yet):

You, as a being, will become ever more degraded, more contemptible, more lonely… Everything good in you will be taken away, and everything bad in you let loose. All your evil passions will burn, increasing and consuming you until you become utterly foul… Nothing good, nothing worthwhile, a horrible monotonous dreariness, unenlivened by a single ray of light as you fester and stew in your loathsomeness. This is what will happen to you.

Hell, as we were catechized to believe, is our total separation from God. We begin this separation by first turning away from God, and towards sin. Unfortunately, this appears to be our natural state. We are born to sin, and it is through God’s grace, and His son Jesus Christ, that we may overcome this sin.

And, by so doing, avoid that total separation; that place where our own sins burn us for eternity, with no relief; hell.


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