Trouble for her soul?

I tend to not follow the dealings of celebrities, but it was hard to avoid it when real estate billionaire Leona Helmsley died August 20, at the age of 87. What I know of her isn’t very flattering, but, as they say, there’s always two sides to every story. Perhaps she had a kindly and charitable side that was simply less interesting to the media? Perhaps.

Her nickname was the “Queen of Mean,” and, like any very successful businessman or woman, I’d be pretty certain she wasn’t always kindly and charitable as she cruised her way to the top. So why even mention Helmsley? Because, it’s just come out that in her will, she’s left $12 million for her dog “Trouble.”

Well, there’s always been crazy cat ladies who leave their inheritance to their pets. But what makes Helmsley different is that, according to this news report, cut out two of her four grandchildren entirely. Ouch. Nothing like some good old-fashioned family values.

The woman was certainly entitled to leave her earthly possessions to anybody or any thing she chose. Of course. But, doesn’t it seem the least bit excessive to leave a fortune to a dog? By the way, that two of her grandchildren get nothing isn’t important. We don’t know the facts, except for their being written out of Helmsley’s will.

But a dog? When there are so many people whose lives could be saved, and in more ways than one. Imagine how $12 million could be applied: vaccines in Africa; micro-loans in Asia; Bibles to China…the list is virtually endless.

God will judge Helmsley; I don’t know what, if any, good she’s done and so can’t even suggest what kind of a human being she was. The evidence of her choices in her will give some indication, however. She might have been good, but it was well hidden.


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