Romans 3:23

This seems to be the message for the disgraced but still in office Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID). From the WaPo, one can almost smell the glee with which this reliably left-of-center paper views the slightest mis-step by any conservative Republican. The essence:

Sen. Larry Craig went on vacation with his wife Wednesday, according to aides, as calls for his resignation intensified, Republican leaders stripped him of his committee assignments, and support in his home state appeared to be eroding.In Washington, two Republican senators said their colleague should resign. “My opinion is that when you plead guilty to a crime, you shouldn’t serve,” Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) told CNN. Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minn.) agreed and announced that he will give to a charity $2,500 in campaign funds his office had received from Craig.

Sen. McCain is correct. But it isn’t just moral grounds that should result in Craig’s ouster, now that he’s outed himself. If it were just any guy caught trolling for homosexuals in a public toilet, it wouldn’t matter. In fact, the libertarian in me says, it’s nobody’s business what a homosexual does, so long as he doesn’t hit on me. As a Christian, of course, I’d urge him to stop sinning…more on this below.

Craig is that special species of Washington homosexual: a big, fat, hypocrite. He casts himself as a conservative, not libertarian, and votes the social conservative line. Which is fine by me; it’s how I’d vote were I in the Senate. But to vote this way, and still give in to those homosexual urges, shows two things.

First, Craig is a hypocrite: do as I say; not as I do. Second, he is stupid enough to get caught in a very public place. For this alone, he shouldn’t have a position of responsibility among Republicans, and Republicans have enough trouble without Craig adding to it.

Whether he stays a senator is up to the people of Idaho. I’ve spent some quality time in the state, on Navy business (yes, Virginia, the Navy has had a presence on the high Idaho desert for 50 years or so). My reading of the people of the Gem State is simple and direct: they won’t vote for Craig again.

What is a Christian take on Craig’s mess? Likewise simple.  Romans 3:23: all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. That very much includes me. And thee, dear reader. The difference? Craig is in denial of his sin, and while our Lord would forgive him, there is a very important condition: Craig must repent of his sin, and sin no more.

What, the liberals scream, how can a man deny his very nature? This is where a lot of so-called Christians fail in their ministry: condemning a man, like Larry Craig, because he is a homosexual. I make no such condemnation. What I condemn is the sin of homosexual behavior. We may not be able to help what we are, our predilections. But it is certainly possible to stop sinning.

Some of us are gluttons; some of us alcoholics; some of us murderers. We all sin. But our standard isn’t what we are, but who we may become with the help of our Savior. And He requires of us but one thing: we repent and sin no more. Pray for Larry Craig, that he may find salvation and walk the straight and narrow path.


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