A man whose works should be read by all Christians, David Klinghoffer, offers a slightly different but valuable take on the Senator Larry Craig story. While I disagree with him on Craig’s hypocrisy.

Pace Klinghoffer, Craig is a bona fide hypocrite: a “do as I say, not as I do” guy. But there is something we should all take to heart here: We should turn to the Bible for our morality.

As Klinghoffer puts it, Craig wasn’t being a hypocrite in supporting things such as the Federal Marriage Amendment, because

If you were a man addicted to same-sex encounters, very likely a man who hates himself for his addiction, then shoring up traditional marriage precisely as a bulwark against your predilection makes all the sense in the world.

Neither I nor David Klinghoffer knows if Larry Craig “hates himself” for his addiction. I prefer to go on observable facts, and those facts tell a straightforward tale: Larry Craig in public is against homosexuality; in private (or what he thought was private) he’s a player in that disgusting world.

But the larger point made by Klinghoffer shines through: laws, and customs, must be based on the Bible’s unalterable view of what is good and what is moral. And, in his words, it is urgent that we have “a Biblically informed critique of our culture.” The Bible informs us that homosexual behavior is a sin, an abomination unto the Lord.

Which means that so it should be unto our society. That it isn’t simply means that our society falls short of the glory of God.

But we already knew that. Larry Craig merely reminds us that even the high and mighty fall short.


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