“Pro-War Is Anti-Christ”

This is quite the bumper sticker slogan. It’s found on the sign of one Elliott Nesch, who has walked more than 1,600 miles in protest of the Iraq war. Well, good for you, Elliott; you’ve got the gumption to get out and get moving in support of your beliefs.

According to the article in the WaPo, young Mr. Nesch has been on the road some six months. Good thing he’s not burdened by small things like making a living, but I digress. From the WaPo article, Nesch

said three things motivate his walk: preaching the Gospel of Jesus, urging Christian ministers who support the war to repent and calling for another investigation of Sept. 11. “I think it was an inside job,” he said.

Let’s leave the last thing for a moment, and focus on preaching the Gospel of Jesus. First, a confession: I’ve spent some time among the Friends (Quakers), because I share some of their convictions. At least those that relate to the simplicity of the Gospel, and that each of us has the light of Christ within. Even if that light is often very, very, hard to discern.

I left the Quakers when it became apparent that, at least here in the United States, they had abandoned the plain, Christ-centered preaching of George Fox in favor of a leftist political agenda. For example, when I attempted to get a discussion going about the “seamless garment” of life, i.e. pro-life, I was told in no uncertain terms that “all Quakers are pro-choice.” That is, in favor of abortion. And that some things were beyond the pale and could not even be brought up.

After waking up and smelling the hypocrisy, I came to realize that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not political. God gave us the Gospel because He knows there will be “wars and rumors of wars” and that ” nation will rise against nation” (Mt. 24:6-7) before the end times. In the here and now, the Gospel of Jesus could not be simpler. And it has nothing to do with our wars here on earth.

If I were asked to summarize the Gospel of Jesus while standing on one foot, it would be: Repent, and believe the good news. Christ has died for your sins and has joined the Father, so that you who believe in him may live forever. As they say, your mileage may vary, but this is the very heart of the Gospel.

War? Not generally a good thing. Sometimes a necessary thing. Was Iraq a just war? I used to think so; not so sure any more. I’m pretty sure it is not a just war in the Christian sense. But that’s more of a political discussion, having nothing to do with belief in the Man on the cross at Calvary.

As for Elliot Nesch, his theory that 9/11 was an “inside job” gives away what he’s really about: partisan politics, and of the kind not susceptible to reason. I wish him and his cohort well, although I very much disagree with them and question their motives. Actually, I pray that this confused young man will truly come to know that our Savior wasn’t a politician.

Jesus is our salvation, our ticket to heaven. Not running for office.


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