We’re all the same

Propaganda can take varied forms. Sometimes it sneaks in as a seemingly-gentle reminder that we are all human, and all share a desire to live our lives in peace. Except when we fabricate, and claim Jesus as a Muslim prophet. This is what seems the case in one Eboo Patel’s entry at the WaPo On Faith column.

When a Muslim writes of “the billion plus other Muslims who are committed to following the example of mercy and monotheism set forth by Jesus,” I’d say, this is interesting. By which I mean something that comes out of the south end of a bull and lays in the field, steaming.

Patel, who claims the mantel of interlocutor between Christians and Muslims, uses a classic technique of those who would mask the truth: the bogus notion that because one may find intolerant Christians, all Christians are just as prone to extremism as are Muslims. From his column:

For every Becky Fischer who thinks the Muslim world is only terrorist training camps, there is someone in the Muslim world who sees Becky Fischer and thinks that she represents all churches. They are each using the other to rally support for their tribal army. And those tribal armies will destroy us all.

This is malicious in its simplistic “we’re all the same” assumption. Yes, there are Christians who believe that all Muslims are terrorists, as against the more truthful statement that virtually all terrorists attacking the West are Muslims.

But as for those “billion plus” Muslims who allegedly follow Jesus’ teaching of “mercy and monotheism?” They have certainly been silent as to the evils committed by their brethren.

Take but one example: the killing of a prostitute (this just happened up in Afghanistan) by the local Taliban. In what way, exactly, would this constitute following Jesus’ example of mercy? Jesus, who, when dealing with a prostitute, told her, “go, and sin no more.” That’s actual mercy, followers of Mohamed.

And, where’s the condemnation of honor killings in Pakistan by Muslim authorities? Or, for that matter, in most Muslim lands, where is there the freedom to convert from Islam and accept Jesus as Lord and Savior? The Jesus Patel claims is so beloved in the Muslim world.

That, brothers and sisters, is a null set. We’re not the same. What divides the Christian world from the Muslim world is acceptance, by and large, of those who choose to not be Christian. To claim to love Jesus but not allow people to believe in Him as the Son of God is, as I wrote above, steaming fecal matter.


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