“Pastors for Peace”

Where to begin? The image shows someone blithely pedaling along at last Saturday’s anti-war rally, wearing a shirt whose sponsor is “Pastors for Peace” and whose message is “Regime Change in the U.S. Not in Cuba.”

Pastors for Peace is, apparently, what might charitably be called a communist fellow-traveler organization, along the lines of the “Fair Play for Cuba” communists of the past. Or are these folks still around?

Back to the pastors. The organization, which I will not link to, apparently makes a big thing of providing “humanitarian” aid to Fidel’s communist dictatorship. And, of course, they are big on removing the economic and other sanctions we’ve imposed on Cuba since the Kennedy administration.

Any economic boycott that mostly hurts the poor in Cuba is, or should be, a problem for any Christian. I am personally against the boycott, and believe that we should normalize relations with Cuba, not for a moment taking the pressure off of them to reform. As in, hold free elections. As in, free political prisoners. As in, allow the free exercise of religion.

Any group, such as the Pastors for Peace, that supports “regime change in the U.S.” only has to support the candidate(s) of their choice, and get out the vote. Unless, of course, by “regime change” they mean dumping our republic for a communist dictatorship (which I think is what they truly desire, but that’s another point). To think, let alone broadcast, that Cuba shouldn’t have regime change is to be complicit in the tyranny of the Castro regime.

It is a form of, again being charitable, moral blindness to equate the Bush administration with the Castro administration. No matter what, come January 20, 2009, George W. Bush will cease to be president. The same can not be said for Cuba, where, barring a revolution, 1/20/09 will be just another day in the tropical worker’s paradise — the Tropical Gulag, going on two decades since the fall of their Soviet puppet masters.


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