Piskie or Dunker?

John McCain, campaigning in South Carolina, made an unexpected statement about his denomination: he’s a Baptist. From myway, the basics:

Republican presidential candidate John McCain, who has long identified himself as an Episcopalian, said this weekend that he is a Baptist and has been for years.Campaigning in this conservative, predominantly Baptist state, McCain called himself a Baptist when speaking to reporters Sunday and noted that he and his family have been members of the North Phoenix Baptist Church in his home state of Arizona for more than 15 years.

I can identify, having made the journey from the Episcopal Church to the Baptist myself. Some will mock this apparently self-serving pronouncement by McCain. He was, after all, in South Carolina, not exactly hostile territory for self-proclaimed Baptists. I’m certainly not able to speak to John McCain’s condition, but what I know of him is nothing but admirable. He is a man of deep convictions, honor, and courage.

I don’t know if his reasons for leaving the Piskies behind were theological or political, or some mix of both. My problem with the Episcopal Church?   Too much politics; not enough Bible, which is manifested by too much readiness to ignore black-letter Scripture in favor of currently fashionable culture and politics. But I still love the Anglican Communion, and pray for it as for a brother.

As for what John McCain’s denomination is, I couldn’t care less. He is a Christian man, and has acted as one for as long as I’ve known of him — which is going back to his Vietnam service and captivity. To any evangelicals who doubt McCain’s sincerity, or quibble over whether he has received baptism by full immersion, I would simply quote St. Paul, Ephesians 4:5: one Lord, one faith, one baptism.


One comment

  1. The issue here is not McCain’s denomibation, but rather his, dare I use the word so fondly used by fundamentalist Republicans to trash Democrats, CHARACTER. If McCain has “long identified himself as an Espiscopalian” but now says he is a Baptist, then the man either lied earlier or is lying now. Doesn’t matter which, the fact is he lied. That should raise some serious questions about his character, or are Republicans immune to that issue?

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