Muhammed Cat

In the “this isn’t really news” news, some Muslims are rioting over perceived (or real; I don’t particularly care) insults to the Religion of Peace. There are the usual requests that various people be murdered. This particular Islamic display of tolerance took place in Bangladesh.

You may, if you’re old enough, remember how the lefties, such as Joannie Phonie Baez whined about poor little People’s Republic of Bangladesh when it broke away from Pakistan back in the early 1970s.

Fast forward, and this recent display of violence shows that, at least in this regard, it is hard to distinguish Bengali Muslims from Arab Muslims. They all appear to be an excitable lot; far too prone to violence given the slightest provocation.

Unfortunately, the violent reaction, this time to what appears to me to be an innocuous and actually funny cartoon (shown at Little Green Footballs), should cement in our minds this fact: Islam is not a religion of peace. It is a religion of violence, intolerance, and fanaticism.

There will be the usual apologists, who will note that these Bengali Muslims are not typical; that not all or even a majority of Muslims support this sort of violence, blah blah blah.

I was trained as an engineer, and learned to accept the data in front of me. Not explain it away as the first response. We’ve got a lot of data that points to Islam as a religion of violence and intolerance. We can’t hope to change the minds of 1.5 billion people. All we can hope to do is keep them away from us, and ensure they don’t kill us.

We in the West must see things clearly, and, when we need to, act to preserve our liberty.  And, at the very heart of that liberty is what most of us prize:  freedom of conscience, which, for Baptists, begins with our God-given right to worship Him, through His Son, as we are moved to do by the Holy Spirit.

Such freedom is not usually granted in Muslim-controlled nations.  In many such places, it is an actual crime to not be a Muslim.  Not here; not on our watch.


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