faith, hope, and charity — Jim Wallis style

Jim Wallis, the liberal (a much gentler term than what I would use in a political blog) evangelical, has a typically weak-minded essay up at BeliefNet. The title gives away the theme: “Laugh at Ahmadinejad, Don’t Bomb His Country.”

Mr. Wallis is one of those “peace at any cost” lefties. He apparently confuses surrender in the face of evil (Iran and its mullahs) to be a more heinous sin than using military force. He would, in fact, wish to engage Iran in chit-chat while taking the military option off the table. But, to be fair, he does exhibit classical signs of perversion of the Gospel, twisting it for uses in the here and now. Ok, that wasn’t fair. But Wallis is a political preacher, and, as we say, all’s fair in love and war…

Mr. Wallis shows greatness, of a sort, not necessarily Christian, in three attributes: faith, hope, and charity. It is too bad that what he has faith in, what he hopes for, and the charity he shows will not resolve a real threat to regional and world peace.

He has faith that the mullahs and other leaders of Iran will bargain with us in good faith. More to the point, he hopes this is the case. In both, Mr. Wallis trusts in things not seen but believed in regardless.

Finally, charity. Jesus does, indeed, require that we “love” our enemies, that we pray for them. But Jesus has also commanded us to love our neighbor.

What kind of love would we be showing our neighbors in Israel or other nations in the Middle East who would come under the threat of attack by Iranian nuclear weapons?  I gues it would be a form of “tough love.”  As in, “Tough, Israel, now that Tel Aviv is a smoldering ruin.  At least we didn’t have to bomb those blessed Iranians.”

But what do I know, a nasty old Christian Zionist?  Every “progressive”  (read:  lefty) Christian knows that the Jews don’t deserve our support so long as a single Palestinian terrorist is discomfited.  And don’t even get them started on those horrible smiting books from the Old Testament…

Look, I don’t advocate attacking Iran, unless and until we attempt other options — but also don’t give Iran forever to comply.  And also, it makes little sense to keep on applying sanctions, which don’t work, world without end, amen.  That’s one definition of insanity — trying what did not work in the past, over and over, and seeing if you get a different result.

We must see things clearly. Faith and hope have their place, but not in the affairs of nations. And charity begins, as they say, at home.

Iranians will lie, cheat, and steal to achieve their goal of regional hegemony. And they will be enabled by the Russians, Germans, and others who will place profit ahead of regional and world peace.


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