The Bishop and the Sisters

There is a sad story of a church not serving those who serve it in today’s news. The gist of the story from the WaPo:

In Southern California, where the Roman Catholic Church has agreed to pay victims of pedophile priests $660 million, the archdiocese is ordering nuns out of convents so the buildings can be sold to fund the out-of-court settlement.

Sins of the fathers, so to speak. Slimy enough, and it speaks for itself. Yes, must pinch every penny in that nest of vipers, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Which, if memory serves, only recently completed its magnificent monument of a cathedral to vows of poverty for a mere $189.7 million.

So, in the name of penny-pinching, the church has evicted three long-serving nuns, so that the archdiocese may sell their modest house. Now, the house is in tony Santa Barbara, where, according to the WaPo story, in the “relatively poor section…comparable two-bedroom homes go for around $700,000.” Ouch; that’s hardly “poor” in my book. But, as they say, your results may vary.

Especially if you are a bishop. There’s at least one other house that could be sold to help the archdiocese pay for its sins. Again, from the WaPo:

… the handsome residence of the Santa Barbara bishop — once a convent — remains safe behind seven palms on a corner lot. The building is the largest in a neighborhood where homes have been fetching $2 million.

Sisters, yer outta here. Bishop, stay put in your luxury. It is all a sad story of hypocrisy and sin. The Roman Catholic Church, at least in the Los Angeles Diocese, does not appear to be walking in the sandals of the God who walked among us as the Fisher of men.


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