“pelican in her piety”

Pope Pius XIILouisiana, Louisiana, they’re trying to wash you away…or so goes the Lyrics from Randy Newman’s Louisiana 1927.

The Corner’s David Freddoso points out that this is an outrage, a lawsuit waiting to happen. The flag is a blatantly Christian work of art. Got that right, David. From this useful website, some words on the symbolism:

The flag of Louisiana consists of a heraldic charge called a “pelican in her piety,” representing a mother pelican wounding her breast to feed her young from the blood. This symbol, emblematic of Christian charity (and also the Official State Bird, the Brown pelican), is also found on the Louisiana state seal. On the flag it is depicted above a ribbon with the state motto: “Union, Justice, and Confidence.”

The current flag was adopted in 1912.During the 19th century it was traditional in Louisiana flags for the “pelican in her piety” to have three drops of blood on her chest. An eighth-grader at Vanderbilt Catholic High School in Houma realized that the tradition had been haphazardly followed in more recent years, and brought this to the attention of his state legislator. In April 2006, the Louisiana State Legislature passed a bill which requires three drops of blood to be depicted on the pelican used in the state’s flag and seal.

Can almost hear the sounds of Holy Communion: This is my body, this is my blood. Given for you so that thee may live; do this in remembrance of Me.


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