God not welcome in D.C.

Washington D.C. is two cities: our nation’s capital, and home to some of the most liberal folks on the planet. Especially in Northwest, where there are a lot of Volvo-driving-Birkenstock-wearing people, who are famous for chiding the rest of us for not doing our part to support public education or the environment. And who routinely send their kids to tony private schools, and jet off to Aspen or Europe as they buy carbon offsets to assuage their guilty white liberal consciences.

There are a lot of poor folks who live in D.C., but they primarily act only as a backdrop for The Smugs, as I call them. Poor folks who attempt to scrape out a living, but who are routinely patronized by The Smugs and the enabling D.C. government, thereby ensuring that they’ll always be in poverty. But I digress. The outrage d’jour? God is not welcome in one particularly smug neighborhood.

An area church, McLean Bible, is attempting to broaden its evangelical outreach by planting a church in the Devil’s lair: Cleveland Park, a place that most middle-class folks couldn’t afford to live in. From this Washington Post article, the basics:

McLean Bible Church’s plan to hold Sunday worship services in the Uptown theater in the District’s Cleveland Park neighborhood has been dealt a setback by D.C. zoning officials.

In classic nimby fashion, the locals are upset:

The news cheered opponents of the worship services. They have been lobbying city officials since the church announced in July that it had leased the 800-seat Uptown on Sunday mornings. Even though the theater’s operator has said the weekly worship schedule would not interfere with its movie schedule, neighborhood activists have said they feared the services would change the nature of the Uptown.

Note that last: the residents “feared the services would change the nature of uptown.” Says a lot, actually. R-rated movies that border on pornography, anti-American themes, and all sorts of sleaze can be shown. But the Gospel may not be preached. God may not be welcome in D.C., but Satan apparently has not worn our his welcome:

“It’s the devil we know; it’s the devil we love,” said George Idelson, president of the Cleveland Park Citizens Association. “We would like it to keep running movies. . . . That’s what it’s there for, and that’s what we like about it.”

The good residents of Cleveland Park may be atheistic morons, but someone needs to tell the District of Columbia’s “government” about something called the First Amendment. The theater is already open for business, and presumably the issues with crowds and traffic are resolved so far as entertainment is concerned.

To disapprove religious services is flat discrimination and a violation of our freedom to worship.


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