“God hates fags”

There is always someone who goes about sowing hatred. In this instance, it’s those easy-to-laugh-at fundies of Westboro (Kansas) Baptist Church. But these alleged Christians are no laughing matter.

First, as a Baptist, I don’t especially care for idiots like this commandeering the name “Baptist.” No true Christian could ever claim that God hates any particular people qua people. We can, and should, proclaim the Gospel that all who repent of sin may be saved by the atoning blood of Jesus. Cliff’s notes version: God hates homosexual acts; God loves homosexuals who repent.

Those who don’t repent? God will deal with them at the time of judgment. In the here and now we have to give witness to God’s love, and the possibility of redemption. But we also have to remain faithful and not endorse sinful behavior.

So, in fairness, they aren’t all wrong about homosexuality. Just that they’ve confused the sins with the sinners. And, worse, they’ve decided to spread their hatred and slime the families of some of our honored dead.

There’s finally been a measure of justice: this repugnant group of morons now finds itself on the wrong side of an $11 million judgment. From the Washington Post story:

A federal jury in Baltimore awarded nearly $11 million in damages yesterday to the family of a Marine from Maryland whose funeral was disrupted by members of a Kansas-based fundamentalist church.

One of the defendants said the civil award was the first against the church, whose members have stirred anger across the nation by picketing at funerals for service members killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, often carrying placards bearing virulent anti-gay slogans. The church maintains that God is punishing the United States, killing and maiming troops, because the country tolerates homosexuality.

By using the “logic” of the Westboro Morons, God would kill every human being on earth, and do it right now. For the simple reason that we are all sinners who fall short of the glory of God.

Perhaps the Westboro Morons consider certain sins more killworthy than others?  I’d love to see their list, and their rationale for which sins made the cut.  Or, perhaps they could find it in their hearts to do as our Lord did, and sit down to commune over food and drink with some of the worst sinners of the time. Our Lord managed to turn quite a few away from sin, and it wasn’t by condemning the grieving relatives of the fallen.

It was by love of all sinners, not hatred, that Jesus conquered death.


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  1. This is the post I was going to write whenever I found the time to sit and write it. 🙂 Sometimes I want to sue the Phelps family’s “church” for causing me emotional distress by calling themselves Baptists.

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