God’s spirit children

Mike Huckabee has gone and done it. He’s accused the Mormons of equating Jesus and Satan, as brothers. Of course, the Mormons bring this kind of thing on themselves, with their new-age twisted version of what they claim is Christianity.

From the ABC blog, some details, as well as the official rebuttal from the LDSers:

Mormons believe that all beings — including Jesus and the Devil — are sons and daughters of God. But while they are both his “spirit children” only Jesus was “begotten in the flesh” and the Church of Latter Day Saints does not put the Devil on the same plane with Jesus Christ whom they worship as “the Savior of Mankind.” See below for the church’s official statement (which was provided by Michael Purdy, a spokesman for the Church of Latter Day Saints):

“Like other Christians, we believe Jesus is the divine Son of God. Satan is a fallen angel. .. the Apostle Paul wrote, God is the Father of all. That means that all beings were created by God and are His spirit children. Christ, however, was the only begotten in the flesh and we worship Him as the Son of God and the Savior of mankind.” (emphasis added)

It’s not hard to see how the Huck became confused: “His spirit children.” Ain’t that something, boys and girls; Jesus and Satan both “spirit children.” In the fullness of actual Christian theology, even I know that Jesus isn’t a child of God in the same way that you and I are.

Humans, in Christian-speak, are made in the image of God. Because of our sin, we are quite far from being full and true images of God, but we’ve got the potential to come into full glory if God so chooses and we but listen when He does. Unlike us, Jesus isn’t a mere reflection, a mere imageo Deo: he’s the real deal; fully God, fully man.

It comes down to the Mormon system of beliefs, which is not Christian. To which I would say, “so what?” We aren’t choosing a pastor-in-chief; we’re choosing a secular chief. I’d prefer a believing Christian, but given the pro-death opposition from the Democrats (Hillary or Obama, either one; solidly pro-death), I’d vote for Mitt Romney if he is the nominee.


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  1. slivermoon22 · · Reply

    That argument would fly except for the pesky *convert everyone to mormonism* plan of the Mormon church. Of which Romney has held VERY high office. That’s one thing.


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