Heave those stones, Father

We know that some priests must be without sin, because they remind us of ours, over and over. Case in point: the Washington Post’s On Faith feature, which is just chuck full of clerics and others who remind us of how sinful we truly are.

This time it’s a Jesuit, Thomas Reese, formerly of the reliably “progressive” Jesuit magazine America, now with the Woodstock Theological Center, who scolds us fat, lazy, arrogant Americans for, well, given the author, the usual: having a foreign policy that dares to project force into the Third World:

…anger, pride and some say greed compelled the United States into an ill-conceived war in Iraq.

As bad as all these things are, it may be gluttony and greed that will do us in as a species. Gluttony is not just about food but about everything that we consume including energy. Our consumer economy is eating up resources and destroying our global environment. Greed motivates those destroying the environment to feed this consumer economy.

Don’t we love that “some say greed.” Well, apparently you do, Father Reese. This is typical lefty cant, “some say…” Well Fr. Reese, some say that he who is without sin should cast the first stone. Others say that making a strong statement that isn’t one’s own requires attribution. Perhaps that’s why he’s not with America magazine any longer.

What some priests seem not to get is that those of us with families prefer to be comfortable (we need air conditioning and heat for our caves) and be safe while driving on the roads (we need SUVs and vans that won’t become roadkill). If we are “destroying the environment” well, so be it. Lest you forget, we are also part of God’s creation. Sorry, forgot, Jesuits are famous for asceticism; fasting on Mondays Wednesdays Fridays and Sundays. Why can’t we all be as noble as the Jesuits, one asks…

Are there Americans who are greedy and all the other sinful things Fr. Reese accuses us of? Sure. Just as there are Japanese, Germans, French, Iraqis, Saudis, Israelis, etc. etc. Could we conserve more? Most likely, and we’re trying. But it’s just so much fun to simply cast accusations of sin while living and writing in that Jesuit ivory tower in Georgetown.

The United States has committed the unpardonable sin of being successful. Of providing comfort and safety for hundreds of millions. It’s the principal reason millions come here and not, say, Russia, Mexico, or Kenya, to name three less desirable spots. And this is something that some on the Left just can’t tolerate.


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