Saints do live among us in modern times. One such was Alfred Delp, S.J. Fr. Delp, a German, resisted the Nazis and ultimately was thrown in prison and executed in 1945.

From the latest book of his writings, Advent of the Heart: Seasonal Sermons And Prison Writings 1941-1944, this short take on suffering:

We should not avoid the burdens God gives us. They lead us into the blessing of God.

If I am sure of little else, I am sure that Alfred Delp is with God. One last thought from this good man, as related by First Things (November 2007; p.61), spoken by him to the prison chaplain just before his execution:

In half and hour, I’ll know more than you do.

Leaving aside the whole notion of a chaplain serving in a Nazi prison, it is hard for me to imagine that kind of faith in the literal hour of my death.

The world was blessed by Alfred Delp. His story serves as a useful counterpoint for those of us, like me, who sometimes believe that the entire world is going to hell.


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